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My fellow ANF vlogger Courtney went on a hot air balloon ride and made this beautiful video.

Hank’s Thoughts from a Cruise.


This is indeed a city of freedom.  You can come here and not have anyone know anything about you, and even though it is horrifying to feel like your existence is engulfed in oblivion there’s this sense of comfort; nobody knows anything about you.  You can walk the streets being who you really are, not some person who has made many mistakes.  This feeling woke me up when I went; I could admire the city for what it’s worth and be a child in a sense; impressionable and vulnerable. Just listen to the city telling its tale of oppression, memorial, and acme.  It gives great metaphoric meaning to me that even though this city has been burned and destroyed by people (people; creating and then destroying something they have made. So trifling and temperamental), it still stands.  It is a safe haven for people.  Even though this city has seen terrible things, it still stands as a rock for those who sacrifice for freedom for all.  I think people need to be more that way; not let mistakes taint their lives, be a rock for others, and always remember people.  For if we were not to remember this city of Washington, D.C., would we remember the veterans and what our nation is built on, or would it fade into oblivion sooner than we will?


Brooklyn Heights #ThoughtsFromPlaces

We take you on an exciting trip around Brooklyn Heights with one of our staff members Mert.

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Finally, here’s a picture of my first tattoo, inspired by this video that made me a Nerdfighter. I got it back in August, almost exactly a year after seeing that video. I think I scratched part of one “o” off in my sleep when it was healing. I’ll go back to get it touched up, but I also think it looks really cool as it is. (Photo by Zoë)


"Snowventure" - iCuttheCake

Just a mini-adventure from my day. I think we got about 18 inches of snow here, and that called for exploration. 


For the first time in what I feel has been at least two weeks, there was blue sky. It lasted less than an hour, and by the time class was over, it was gone, once again veiled by the thick layer of grayness that is February. I wondered whether the winter has abducted our hope and ridden away with it to the distant land of spring. Although today was a relatively warm day, and although I saw for the first time patches of dead grass beneath the shoveled snow mounds, it felt as if spring is very far. 

It is sometimes difficult to hold on to that invincible summer in the middle of winter when the nature of winter is, at times,  too unforgiving to be beautiful. The snow is a heavy burden on the heart, suspending any growth, unfit for the living. The occasions of color act only as a brief respite from the monotony of living without life. 


Thoughts from Places - Mt Corhanwarrabul 13/2/2014

For Rovers tonight we did our annual “Fuck Valentine’s Day” in which we write shitty Valentine’s Day cards and mail them to random people. It was also the anniversary of me starting Rovers which was pretty cool :) While we were writing them, we decided to go for a walk to some place Tam couldn’t remember how to get to.

We drove up, laughed at the sign (it’s where a crew in our district got their name from) and started making our way down the steep incline to the lookout/hang-gliding spot. I fell on my ass a couple of times and Shae had to lift me down one part that was a sheer drop. But when we got there, quaking knees and gasping for air, I was blown away.

I hadn’t realised I needed this so much. Chris was in the car in front of us hanging his head outside because it’s been 6 years since he was in these mountains. I wanted to do the same. Breathing in the forest air cleansed me and I feel so content now that I can breathe again.

I’m so lucky to live so close to these beautiful places. I was trying to explain to taarya the other day what it was like where I live. This is it. Behind where that photo was taken is countryside. This spot is thirty minutes from my house. And I find myself in love with my home again.


"Snowventure" - iCuttheCake

Just a mini-adventure from my day. I think we got about 18 inches of snow here, and that called for exploration. 


Things do not inherently possess power; rather, things become powerful when we invest our own power into them. We do not need things to feel wholesome, fearless, or bold, but sometimes, to compensate for the insecurities and doubts that arise from out daily battles with the world, we empower objects with these qualities. This becomes our armor.