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Hank’s Thoughts from the TFIOS Premiere.


Thoughts from Places: Disneyland on Memorial Day Weekend


Thoughts from Friday Morning: New York City in Spring by shessomickey

I bring you some Thoughts from Places on a typical New York City morning.


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There’s all this food that I want to eat but I can’t because of food sensitivities.

Any food I can eat I have to walk at least 5 blocks for.

I wish this hotel had a bathtub I could soak my feet in.

Wow, the tourists and the businessmen are the worst part about walking in this city. (I think as though I am not a tourist….)

BEA kind of sucks. I don’t work in a position to approach this on a business level. I work in publishing, sure, but there’s a serious problem with this conference. 

I miss Colorado’s feeling on cigarettes - but it isn’t nearly as bad as Vegas. 

My feet officially hurt so bad I can’t even feel the pain anymore. 

It’s a wonder emergency vehicles get anywhere in this town.

I love driving way too much to ever live here- but man 3 months here and I would get rid of at least 30lbs. I should really consider keeping up this sort of walking regiment when I get back.

Every time I stay in a hotel for more than 2 days I convince myself I could live with Nai in 600sq ft. I could, but I don’t want to.

Wow I’m so socially awkward it’s ridiculous. 

I wonder if people can smell ‘small town’ on me still.. I mean it’s been 8 years since I’ve lived in one but I be it’s still there. 

I’ve seen Times Square several hundred times on a screen. Standing in it is surreal. 


I was going to publish this tomorrow, but hey. New video! Thoughts about where you call home, travel, and falling asleep in moving vehicles!

A hilarious “tour” of Cleveland turns into a vlog about the TFioS gathering John and cast did there!

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New vlog! Thoughts from Sophomore Year, inspired by the Vlogbrothers’ “Thoughts from Places” series. 


Spring wilt, early May. 

The heat in Florida kills. It sits heavily over our shoulders, over everything, a cloak we dredged out of the ocean that will drag us down and wrap itself around our lungs. It holds us tight. It’s part of what makes Florida home. I can never breathe so well as when I get off a plane and develop a slight sheen in the time it takes for the gangplank to take me from the aircraft door to the airport terminal. 

I have spent 31 years complaining about the Florida heat. I have never lived anywhere else. I have nothing to compare it to. I just hate it. I have always hated it. As an over-dramatic teen I used to complain about being roasted from the inside out. You’d think I’d grow out of that, but really I’ve just grown out of vocalizing it. I still feel sometimes like I’m roasting from the inside out. 

So I’m fleeing northwards finally, now that I can. And I know the cities get hot up there. Goodness gracious do cities get hot when there’s no place for the heat to diffuse, when it simply hovers around the concrete and brickwork, trying violently to press through immovable monuments.

But it won’t be the same. It won’t remind me of the parking lots we sat in or the roller coasters we waited in line for or that morning we met at the beach after I’d cried myself out. It won’t betray my now habitual wants. It won’t wrap itself around my lungs until there’s no room for my heart. I’ve always hated the heat in Florida, but it used to be about that stupid riding lawn mower that smelled of gasoline and getting lost in the woods with friends. It used to not be about him, and now that it is it’s unbearable. 

So I’m fleeing northwards, to a place where dried leaves become flowers, instead of this place where burning flowers cover lawns like leaves. It’s all I’ve ever known. I’ll miss it. I’ll breathe even easier still. 


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