Thoughts From Places

Lots of thoughts, from lots of places.


So this video made me want to write. So I tried. Also I can’t format it correctly so the bold and unbolded are diff stanzas. 

Round the creaking baskets spin.

Waiting for life

to come and enjoy

what was once a thriving creature.

For the spinning had a

different purpose then.

It had taken for granted the

love that turned it

and when stolen from the machine

it ceased to exist.

The wind missed its once lively friend.

It pleaded for the beast to move.

“Hush” the wheel creaked,

And the wind was still.

The wind cried for the loss of his friend,

The loss of life,

The loss of love,

The loss of happiness.

Rust formed

On the wire face.

Wind pleaded with wheel

Blowing soft breezes

In his face

Trying to tempt movement.

No movement came.

So large gusts came.

“Stop” commanded wheel

Wind abided.

Wind could not give up

On his dear friend,

He blew sounds of laughter

At Wheel.

Wheel stirred

Remembering those sounds.

Wind blew more laughter

Excited to stir his friend

From his slumber

Wheel listened.

Laughter was not enough

Wheel need more.

Wind knew.

Wind knew.

Wind conjured up

The whirring sound,

The loving sound,

A sound long gone from Wheel.

Wheel sighed

the sound filled him,

lifted him,

made him remember why he turned.

Even though no soul was there

He must turn.

“Help” groaned Wheel.

Wind took a deep breath

And with all his might


Wheel began to love.